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South Downs Centre - Temporary Closure

The South Downs Centre in Midhurst is temporarily closed to visitors but our team are still on hand to answer your calls and emails.

Online Teacher Training

Online Teacher Training

Teacher training sessions are delivered by members of the South Downs Learning Network.

Drawing inspiration from the South Downs, the sessions will be helpful to any teacher looking for ideas and inspiration to take their teaching and learning outside the classroom.

Sessions focus on: nature connection, delivering specific curriculum subjects and topics, school grounds development, using woodland effectively, fieldwork skills and health and wellbeing.

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Previous events

  • Exploring Air Pollution

    Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers, Geography, Science or Eco Leads

    • Develop a basic understanding of air pollution
    • Discover more about resources available
    • Fun and engaging activities

    • Natures classroom – science in the school grounds

      Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 science coordinators and teachers.

        • Understanding the benefits of outdoor education to children and nature.
        • An overview of 7 examples of learning national curriculum Science in the school grounds from Reception class to Year 6 including examples of cross curricular learning too e.g. Art, English, Music, RE.
        • Support will be provided for risk assessments as well as good hygiene and social distancing.

    • Feel better to learn better

      Suitable for EYFS practitioners, Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers and LSAs.

        • Using the outdoor environment to improve pupils wellbeing.
        • Using natural and creative elements to help to lower stress levels and reduce anxiety.
        • Giving pupils a chance to reflect, relax and reconnect with nature.
        • Download the handout

    • Farming in your school grounds – School Ground Development

      Suitable for teachers across all Key Stages.

        • Teachers will be confident in their understanding of how food is produced and grown on the farm.
        • Teachers will have a good understanding of how farming is managed to care for the environment.
        • Teachers will be inspired to use farming and food production in their teaching, specifically using their outdoor spaces to enhance the core subjects.
        • Download the handout



    " The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness. "