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Local Landscape Character Assessments

Local Landscape Character Assessments

Local Landscape Character Assessments (LLCAs) can be used by communities to assess the condition of their local landscape and attribute value to certain aspects, such as important views or green spaces.

Communities can use Local Landscape Character Assessments to identify how and why the landscape character of a particular location makes it different or distinct from another – providing detail that complements broader-scale assessments produced at national, regional, county and district levels.

Local Landscape Character Assessments cannot be supplementary planning documents or material considerations but they can influence planning policies. National parks are designated because of the value of their landscapes.

By giving a value to certain landscape types or identifying your community’s priorities for protecting or enhancing key landscape features you will help the SDNPA in assessing how planning applications might impact on the local landscape.

The SDNPA, working with Hampshire County Council, has produced this guide to creating an LLCA.

More information on character assessments covering the National Park’s area can be found at:


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