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Leave a gift in your will

From rolling hills to the world-famous white cliffs at Seven Sisters, the South Downs National Park’s landscapes cover1,600km2 of breath-taking views. But this landscape is at risk. With more people using and benefiting from the National Park, it is coming under increasing pressure, meaning it can only be conserved through the support and care of those who love it.

The South Downs National Park Trust works in partnership to protect this extraordinary place for future generations. By leaving a gift in your will to the South Downs National Park Trust, you can help ensure that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

The difference you could make:

£500 – Could cover the costs for our rangers to restore a section of chalk grassland, creating a haven for wild orchids and butterflies

£15,000 – Could provide 100 metres of path, contributing to the wellbeing of the thousands of walkers and cyclists that use the Downs each year

£50,000 – Could help support large scale landscape projects, helping to improve and restore picturesque views along the South Downs Way

For more guidance on leaving a gift in your will please contact

Let us say thank you!

Your will is a private document and you are under no obligation to tell us about it. But, if you decide to remember us in your will and are happy sharing it, then we would love to say thank you. To let us know, simply email