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About the ChaMP Project

Brighton ChaMP for Water was established to protect and improve the quality of groundwater in the Brighton Chalk Block as a valuable natural resource for public water supply.

The project is a collaboration between the South Downs National Park Authority, the Environment Agency, Southern Water, the University of Brighton and Brighton & Hove City Council, working together with Natural England and the Brighton and Lewes Downs UNESCO Biosphere (the Living Coast) to protect the aquifer. We plan to create more partnerships with councils, landowners, community groups and businesses as the project progresses.

Our work involves:

  • Promoting best practice in sustainable land management to protect the aquifer, providing good advice to landowners and managers, informed by sound science
    • Rural: testing new approaches to reducing chemical inputs and improving soil health, while maintaining environmental and economic sustainability for land managers.
    • Urban: promoting better delivery of solutions to protect groundwater, including rainscapes (Sustainable Drainage or SuDS), and encouraging best practice in amenity land and industrial site management.
  • Raising awareness, building understanding and stimulating improvement of groundwater protection in the rural and urban environment.
  • Contributing to, and undertaking robust research; drawing on recognised sources to inform our work in promoting groundwater protection, and increasing knowledge and skills.

                Brighton ChaMP for Water (the Brighton Chalk Management Partnership)


                Brighton ChaMP for Water covers the following area.

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