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Heathland walks & talks

Our heathland walks programme is put together by all 11 of the Heathlands Reunited partnership organisations, across the whole project area which spans from Hampshire down to Pulborough. It is released quarterly throughout the year.  It is made possible thanks to a generous National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant. 

This programme will feature a variety of themed walks, all aimed at different audiences, interests and walking levels. Some will be led by site managers, others by nature enthusiasts and dedicated volunteers. Themes will include wildlife dog walks, land management, heathland species and heritage. They will also include short healthy heath strolls, whilst others maybe longer for the more advanced walker.

Click on the events below to find out more or download the whole programme.

Summer Walks (June-September)

Date Event
11 July 2019 Heyshott Common and the roughs Health Walk
15 July 2019 Lynchmere Common Health Walk
18 July 2019 Iron Hill Health Walk
31 July 2019 Welchs Common and Burton Mill Pond
02 August 2019 Lord’s Piece Pootle
15 August 2019 Chapel Common Health Walk
19 August 2019 Iron Hill Health Walk
27  August 2019 Woolbeding Landscapes 
16 September 2019 Iron Hill Health Walk
19 September 2019 Chapel Common Health Walk
25 September 2019 Ambersham Common Health Walk