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South Downs Ambassador School Scheme

South Downs Ambassador School Scheme

Ambassador Schools are schools within the South Downs National Park that offer high-quality learning experiences and resources that link to the special qualities of the National Park.

A colour graphic logo for the South Downs National Park Ambassador School schemeAs leaders in this area, these schools offer peer-to-peer support, inspiration and host visits for schools, colleges and other learning providers.

To see what our Ambassador Schools are up to and to make contact with the individual schools, please see their information below:

Why is the Ambassador School Scheme important?

Our South Downs Schools Survey (2017) recorded 69% of schools in and around the National Park visit the South Downs each year and engage with the Park’s special qualities.

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) is committed to continually developing innovative approaches to engage new schools.

We know, from the Learning in the Natural Environment report 2012, that taking learning outside can present challenges for schools.

The Natural Demonstrations project, 2016, provided evidence that local brokerage, such as peer to peer support via Ambassador Schools, can help schools overcome these barriers.

What does the future look like for the Ambassador School Scheme?

We continue to look for schools who have a desire to deliver more outdoor learning but need the support, guidance and leadership of their peers to make it happen.

We also continue to look for new Ambassador Schools inside the Park to join the project. We will work with them to train and support their staff as well as develop personalised resources for their school.

For more information, please reach out via learning@southdowns.gov.uk

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