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Planning Advice

The South Downs National Park was designated for the highest level of protection because of the rich variety of its outstanding landscapes.

Development in this protected landscape should therefore:

  • be high quality, attractive and sitting comfortably within its site and setting;
  • respond to the scale and character of the existing and/or neighbouring buildings;
  • make a positive contribution to local character;
  • conserve and enhance key views;
  • conserve and enhance local wildlife;
  • conserve and enhance local cultural heritage; and
  • maintain opportunities for recreation and provide new opportunities for enjoyment and understanding of the special qualities of the National Park.

Before you submit a planning application you will need to carefully consider and assess the possible impacts your proposals could have on the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the South Downs National Park.

To help you do this appropriately, you will need to obtain your own specialist in relation to these matters. You can then make use of our pre-application service to make sure that you have done all that is needed, before submitting your application for formal consideration. This is important because we will not be able to validate your application without the required information.