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Following Government advice to stay safe and protect the NHS, we are working hard to continue to deliver for you. Find information here on how to enjoy the National Park virtually, and how our services are operating during this time.

Why get pre-application advice?

Why get pre-application advice?

Seeking pre-application advice before you make a planning application can help to increase the chance of making a high quality planning application that is faster to process.

It can:

  • help you to understand our list of local requirements and how planning policies and other requirements might affect your proposals
  • help you to understand the questions that will be taken into consideration when determining an application and how aspects of the site, such as roads, footpaths, , watercourses, and other constraints, might affect your proposals
  • discuss potential problems, such as noise and traffic, and whether conditions might be imposed to overcome these (instead of planning permission being refused)
  • suggest ways in which your application could add value to local communities and the wider National Park
  • assess likelihood of planning permission being granted.

If you would like to get pre-application advice, visit the Steps to getting pre-application advice page.


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