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Why get pre-application advice?

Why get pre-application advice?

Seeking pre-application advice before you make a planning application can help to increase the chance of making a high quality planning application that is faster to process.

It can:

  • help you to understand our list of local requirements and how planning policies and other requirements might affect your proposals
  • help you to understand the questions that will be taken into consideration when determining an application and how aspects of the site, such as roads, footpaths, , watercourses, and other constraints, might affect your proposals
  • discuss potential problems, such as noise and traffic, and whether conditions might be imposed to overcome these (instead of planning permission being refused)
  • suggest ways in which your application could add value to local communities and the wider National Park
  • assess likelihood of planning permission being granted.

If you would like to get pre-application advice, visit the Steps to getting pre-application advice page.


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