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Equestrian Development Technical Advice Note (TAN) Consultation

Equestrian Development Technical Advice Note (TAN) Consultation

This prepared technical advice note (TAN) supports South Downs Local Plan Policy SD24: Equestrian development.

It provides interim guidance covering a range of areas for equine land managers.

Read the draft Equestrian Development TAN

Responses to this consultation should be sent to consultations@southdowns.gov.uk 

The consultation closes on 10 November 2022.


  • What is the consultation about?

    The consultation is for a technical advice note which covers planning and landscape matters relating to equestrian development (e.g. new stables, sand schools and covered arenas) .

    The technical advice note does not cover matters such as; access, parking, use of bridleways or other equestrian recreation matters.

  • What is a Technical Advice Note?

    A Technical Advice Note is a document which provides more detail behind a particular aspect of the South Downs Local Plan.

    In this case it assists applicants who wish to gain planning permission for equestrian development and decision-makers who consider those applications.

    It furthers understanding of SDNPAs expectations for equestrian development in the National Park.

    It makes clear what information should be submitted to meet South Downs Local Plan Policy SD24: Equestrian development.

  • Who is this consultation for?

    Lots of people may be interested in this Technical Advice Note, such as:

    • Equine owners
    • Land owners or land managers/advisors
    • Equine business owners
    • Planners and planning agents
    • Landscape and Ecology advisors
    • How should I respond to the consultation?

      There are 3-ways to respond:

      • Responses should be emailed to consultations@southdowns.gov.uk
      • Or in writing to Performance and Technical, South Downs National Park Authority. South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH.
      • A hard-copy is available to view at the South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH. The South Downs Centre is open from 9:00 to 16:30 and no pre-booking is required; please tell our reception team on arrival that you have come to see the hard copy of the Equestrian TAN and they will provide it.
    • What will happen next?

      All comments will be compiled and then carefully considered during the redrafting of the Technical Advice Note.  The final draft will then be considered by Members of the Authority’s Planning Committee.  Additional changes may then be made before it is finalised and formally adopted.

      The Local Plan should be read as a whole. However, this TAN has been produced specifically to assist in the interpretation some policies in the SDLP.


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