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SDNPA Structure

The SDNPA has entered a new phase, moving from establishment to delivery with the Partnership Management Plan now in place and Local Plan well underway. A stronger remit from Government has given us the opportunity to do more, generate new sources of income for the National Park and build a confident, secure and respected organisation to serve it. Accordingly, a new structure for the SDNPA went live on 1 June 2016. It is more streamlined, with fewer Directors and Senior Managers, but strengthens delivery by including additional ranger posts and new income generating capacity. It has three directorates for which organograms are set out below:

Countryside Policy & Management Directorate

This brings together our four area ranger services and our strategy leads into one grouping which will deliver projects and programmes locally and across the whole National Park, working with landowners, communities, charities and other partners. It has five teams:

Four delivery teams

Each of these teams has National Park-wide roles – leading on one habitat type (water, chalk, woods or heaths) and another area of work (access, outreach/volunteers/education, heritage, or tourism/economy). Each also includes a ranger team covering one part of the National Park (Wealden, Western, Central or Eastern Downs).

A fifth team provides corporate and strategic planning and expertise on performance management, research and project evaluation across the whole of the SDNPA.

SDNPA Structure – Countryside Policy and Management Directorate

Planning Directorate

This delivers all aspects of the SDNPA Planning function, whether delivered in house or via agency arrangements with host authorities. It includes policy making (e.g. the Local Plan and Community Plans), development management, appeals and enforcement. Link Officers remain in the CP&M Directorate and provide one of many links between the teams and partners.
The Planning Directorate comprises three teams:

Development Management

This team delivers the planning service for all the applications handled directly by the authority (the Recovered Service Areas including Minerals & Waste cases, AND the significant applications called in from ‘host’ authorities). It services our Planning Committee.

Planning Policy

This team is developing the Local Plan for the National Park and covers other aspects of policy formulation such as Minerals & Waste Strategies and Community led Plans, particularly Neighbourhood Plans.

Performance and Technical Management

This team handles major planning projects on behalf of the SDNPA and provides specialist technical advice across the Planning Directorate and to other parts of the organisation. This team is also responsible for the relationships with the host authorities who deliver a local planning service worth around £3m on our behalf in some areas of the National Park.

SDNPA Structure – Planning Directorate

Corporate Strategy Directorate

The three teams shown here are responsible for raising the profile of the National Park, generating income to support its many projects and partners and ensuring the efficient management of the SDNPA and its statutory functions,. The three teams are:

Business Services

This team covers estates and facilities, procurement of services, such as finance and IT (including GIS and planning systems), and Human Resources.

Marketing & Income Generation

Is responsible for all aspects of communications and engagement –, and developing new streams of income and support. This team also administers the Sustainable Communities Fund.

Governance & Support Services

Provides administrative and governance support for Members of the Authority, its Senior Management Team and its staff.

SDNPA Structure – Corporate Strategy Directorate