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Shoreham Cement Works Area Action Plan

The public consultation of the Shoreham Cement Works Area Action Plan closed on the 02 August 2022.

Many thanks to everyone who sent in comments.  We are now reading through and analysing these comments, which we will publish in due course.

Background information about the Area Action Plan can be found below and on subsequent pages.

To view a copy of the AAP, the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening please see the documents below:

All of the above documents are in an accessible format, with the exception of the SA, a link to which can be found below:

If you have any issues accessing any of our documents on this webpage, please contact us on the email address below.

The AAP has been prepared by the SDNPA, which is the local planning authority for the site; we do not own the site which is privately owned. The purpose of the AAP is to guide the development of this exceptional site and help deliver an exemplar mixed use development of regional or indeed national importance.

A link to the formal notice of the Issues & Options AAP consultation can be found below:

The video below will be a good starting place for all those wanting to learn about the AAP consultation. It explains the purpose of the AAP, what the SDNPA hopes to achieve from this consultation, a brief introduction to the site and how to get involved: