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Appeals and Surcharges

Appeals can be lodged against some aspects of a levy charge.  A full range of appeals and their requirements for submission can be found in the Appeal Help Sheet. Further information on appeals can also be found on the .gov website.

If you think the SDNPA have made a mistake in calculating your liability, you can appeal the decision. Firstly, a relevant person must request a review of the chargeable amount to the authority (SDNPA) within 28 days from the date the Liability Notice was issued. The SDNPA is required to review the calculation and a decision must be issued within 14 days. Only after a review has been completed can the relevant party submit an appeal to the Valuation Office Agency.

  • Appeals related to surcharges, commencement and stop notices should be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.  If a person intends to request a review of a liability notice or lodge an appeal they must do this before development begins.
  • Appeal decision notices issued by the Valuation Office Agency are published in redacted form on the agency’s website.
  • Appeal decision notices issued by the Planning Inspectorate will be published in redacted form on the Planning Inspectorate website.


Please email us at for all CIL related enquiries including planning applications that might attract a CIL payment, the Infrastructure Delivery Plan and infrastructure projects.