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Community Infrastructure Levy / Section 106

These pages explain what the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is, how it operates and how the funds raised are spent.

CIL is a levy local authorities in England and Wales can charge on developments in their areas.  This income can then be used to fund infrastructure required to support those new developments.

Within the South Downs National Park you may need to pay the levy if you are undertaking a development which creates new residential or large format retail floor space.  Residential development includes extensions, annexes and holiday lets. Further information on SDNPA’s CIL Charging Rates, available reliefs and exemptions and how CIL is spent can be found below.

CIL aims to replace developer’s contributions (also known as planning obligations) secured via S106 Legal Agreements.  However, S106 legal agreements are still required to secure affordable housing and site specific measures required to make a development acceptable.

Parts of the South Downs National Park are also within the Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy 5.6km zone.  Therefore, developer contributions, secured via a S106 legal agreement, will be required to mitigate the impacts of developments within this area.  Further information, including a map of the 5.6km zone, can be found below.

Funding grants from S106 contributions are currently still available from the SDNPA, further information on how to apply for S106 grant funding is available below.

Please contact us at or 01730 814810 for all CIL / S106 related enquiries.