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Parish Plans

Parish Plans

Parish Plans are the best tool for addressing the full range of community issues.

They give a framework for assessing the current state of your parish, providing a methodology for considering the positive and negative aspects of community life.

They will usually include a detailed action plan which sets out how issues/challenges identified can be resolved.

In many of the smaller communities in the National Park, Parish Plans are the most appropriate way to start looking at local matters on a parish scale.

They can cover a wide variety of things, going well beyond the scope of the planning system.

This could include the provision of allotments; activities and support for the elderly; or organisation of events in the village hall.

Parish Plans carry limited weight in the planning decision-making process.

However, if a parish plan is endorsed by the National Park Authority it becomes a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

The NPA has established a process for endorsing community led plans, for more information contact

Endorsed Community Led Plans

The following plans have been endorsed by the National Park Authority’s Policy and Resources Committee:


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