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Reporting problems or issues

Reporting problems or issues

As you are enjoying the South Downs National Park you may come across incidents of anti-social behaviour or incidents that require an immediate response. 

Please be aware that many issues are not under the responsibility of the National Park Authority, but of partner organisations.

On this page you will find guidance on who to contact in relation to an incident. You can also tag us on social media if you see any of the following activities.

Fires or BBQs

If you see or suspect anyone of creating a fire hazard, please dial the police on 101.

In the event of seeing a fire unattended, please call the fire service immediately on 999 with the location so they can take action. Embers can smolder and ignite many hours after the fire has been allowed to die down.

Please do not try and control this fire yourself. 

Wild camping

Wild camping is illegal in the South Downs National Park. If someone is camping illegally on land, please attempt to contact the landowner. Some sites might have an interpretation board or signage in the car park indicating who owns the land. 

If you are unable to locate contact information for the landowner, please call 101 stating your location and what the incident is


Fly tipping is the legal responsibility of the local district council and landowners. To report a fly tip please contact the relevant council below with as much information as possible:

East Sussex
West Sussex

Uncontrolled dogs

Report uncontrolled dogs or livestock attacks directly to the police on 101.

Wildlife crime

If you suspect any wildlife crime please report all wildlife crime to the police on 101.

Signage to help with reporting

We have put together visitor management signage for partners to download and display at their sites:


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