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Other fortifications to visit

Other fortifications to visit

Amberley Castle is now a privately owned hotel but you can walk around the walls of this 12th century historic building and stay overnight in the luxury of its 12 acre grounds.

Highdown Hill may have been built around 1500 BC and was refurbished in the Iron Age and Roman periods at which time it may have functioned as a ritual sanctuary. There is an Angle-Saxon cemetery here too and during WWII, troops were stationed on site.

The many visitors of Devil’s Dyke may not be aware of its history as an Iron Age fort and WW1 bomb testing site. Don’t miss the views to the masts at Truleigh Hill, a listening post during the Cold War.

The remains of the gatehouse and one wall of the Keep of Bramber Castle, on the banks of the River Adur, make a perfect stop for an adventurous run-around and picnic.


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."