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Action Points & Tips

Action Points & Tips

Make it easy for people to enjoy the National Park by creating itineraries for people to enjoy which include activity ideas, directions to locations, links to nearby places to eat, etc. Base these on a specified timeframe (24 hours in… or a summers evening in…) or around some specific highlights, using them as the draw to explore further.

Work together with other businesses to create a joined-up offer for example: accommodation providers working with local food producers and walking guides to create “a South Downs weekend ramble”.

Slow your customers down. Provide public transport information, bike parking facilities, local walking route information from your business and help people access local transport offers and schemes.

Be enthusiastic and engaging. Inspiring others is much easier if you feel inspired and excited yourself. Have fun in how you get the information across, offer insider’s tips, recommendations and even a touch of personal opinion (as long as it’s fair and even handed!).

Collect evidence. Images, video and sound all can bring a place to life and help bring forth some of the lesser known experiences within the National Park. Take the photo from your favourite sunset spot or in your great local pub or even share a clip of swooping kits in perfect blue skies over the chalk downland.


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."