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Other recommended places to try…

Other recommended places to try…

Why not plan a walking holiday along the South Downs Way? Take a self-guided walking tour with Footprints of Sussex who can provide a detailed route, arrange accommodation and transport luggage along the way.

The Hangers Way in Hampshire is a 21 mile route from Alton station, through woodland known as ‘hangers’ because the ancient beech, lime, yew and ash woodlands seem to hang from the tall slopes.

The Shipwrights Way is a 50 mile trail following the route of medieval ship builders who too oak trees from Alice Holt forest to Portsmouth dockyards.

The Serpent Trail snakes 64 miles across the National Park, linking isolated heathland that is rarer than rainforest.

If you fancy a real challenge the Monarch’s Way follows King Charles II’s route to Cromwell in 1651. The trail is the UK’s largest inland route at 615 miles from Worcester to Shoreham.


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."