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Take to the Skies

Take to the Skies

Give in to your adventurous spirit and feel the breeze on your face as you soar high above the South Downs.

See the stunning landscape from a new perspective and experience bracing views of the iconic rolling downlands across the weald and out to the English Channel.

There are several paragliding training centre across the eastern South Downs that offer courses from beginners to advanced pilot. Take the train from Lewes to Glynde Station where two schools are situated nearby. Airworks Paragliding Centre is based next to Glynde Station. Fly Sussex is a 5 minute walk from Glynde Station on the A27.

Remember to book in advance and plan well ahead.

Getting around
Distance 4 miles from Lewes to Glynde railway station. However, the launch site will depend on which provider you choose, the course level and the weather conditions. You could launch into the skies close by the training centre, or be taken by minibus to a suitable location.
Duration Check times and duration of your training course online and book in advance.
Directions – Train Hourly train from Lewes railway station to Glynde takes around 5 minutes.
Directions – Bus Compass bus service 125 (Mon to Fri) and Cuckmere bus 125 (Sat) from Lewes bus station takes around 10 minutes to Glynde Post Office.
Directions – Walk or Cycle Follow Regional Route 90 from Lewes to Glynde rail station and the A27.

  1. Head right from Lewes railway station then sharp right into Pinwell Road.
  2. Follow Pinwell Road then turn right on Court Road.
  3. Continue left, then right to stay on Court Road and veer left onto Railway Lane.
  4. Turn right onto Cliffe High Street, joining Regional Cycle Route 90 and turn right at the end onto South Street.
  5. Continue on the designated path and follow route 90 along Southern Lane and the A27.
  6. The route takes you though Glynde village and past Glynde Station before rejoining the A27.

Useful information

The annual Brighton Kite Festival is held at Stanmer Park in July. Check the dates online and take the train from Lewes to Falmer. Cross the underpath from Falmer railway station to Stanmer Park where you will see a colourful display of kites made in the children’s workshop, Indian and rokkaku kite fighting, as well as team and single flying from some of the world’s best sport kite flyers.

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If you fancy a more sedate flight, an afternoon kite flying on the ridges near Ditchling Beacon with views over the Downs and plenty of breeze is great fun.

Keep your feet on the ground as you watch the colourful paragliders soar above Devils Dyke, another great location to fly your kite.

Take the train from Lewes to Brighton and hop on a Breeze up to the Downs bus to Devil’s Dyke or Ditchling Beacon.


Another way to enjoy a BIRD’S EYE VIEW is to cycle the South Downs Way to Ditchling Beacon and admire stunning 360-degree views across the across the weald and out to the English Channel.

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"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."