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Become a Dog Walking Ambassador

Help encourage responsible dog walking on heathlands in the South Downs National Park.

Are you a dog owner who enjoys walking in the South Downs National Park?

By becoming a Dog Walking Ambassador, you can help us educate people and encourage responsible dog ownership to help protect and preserve this beautiful place.

You will join a team of people working together as part of the Heathlands Reunited project to encourage responsible dog ownership on our precious heathland sites. You will be given full training and receive ongoing support throughout your post as a Dog Ambassador.

We are currently only looking for ambassadors for our heathland sites, however we hope to be able to roll this initiative out across the whole National Park in the future. Please see theĀ Heathlands Reunited Project Area to see if you are near a heathland site.

This volunteer role is great for anyone who loves dogs, people, and the South Downs. You will ideally need, one day per week for this position. As part of your application we would welcome a short video (approx 30 – 60 seconds) of you sharing advice about dog-related issues in your local South Downs area but its not absolutely necessary. For simplicity, its preferable if this is filmed using your phone.
To apply please complete the form below. All entries will be viewed and we will be in touch.

Role-Description Dog-Ambassador