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NEWS FEED: History

Capability Brown in the South Downs

August 16th, 2016

Portrait of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, c.1770-75, by Richard Cosway (17421821)/Private Collection/Bridgeman Images Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, baptised on 30 August 1716, was a landscape designer whose style has shaped what we think of today as quintessential English countryside.  At the end of the 1600s most landscaping was rigidly formal reflecting man’s power over nature. ‘Capability’ Brown’s […]

Hidden Past Festival

August 8th, 2016

10am – 4pm, 21 August 2016, Portsmouth City Museum Beneath the wooded countryside of West Sussex and Hampshire lies a forgotten landscape, littered with traces of past communities who lived and worked in the South Downs. For the past three years the Secrets of the High Woods project has been uncovering their stories using cutting […]

Southdown Sheep Society’s 125th Anniversary

August 2nd, 2016

In the ever-changing farming landscape of the South Downs there is one thing that has remained constant across more than two centuries; the presence of the unique Southdown sheep. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Southdown Sheep Society. Southdown sheep have long been favoured for their ability to produce high quality, marbled sweet […]

Mysterious prehistoric farmers and missing Roman road revealed

July 12th, 2016

Decades of speculation on the route of a Roman road in southern England have ended but the research which confirmed its location has revealed the extent of prehistoric farming on the South Downs before the Romans arrived. The discoveries were made after airborne laser scanning (LiDAR) technology was used to map part of the South […]

The Trundle Folklore

June 9th, 2016

One of the best known landmarks of the South Downs is the Trundle, an Iron Age hillfort standing three miles from Chichester. The folklore that surrounds this historical monument tells tales of buried treasure in the form of a golden calf, protected by the devil. The first reference to treasure being buried at the Trundle […]

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