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Work under way to shore up fire-damaged buildings in Midhurst

Work under way to shore up fire-damaged buildings in Midhurst

May 18, 2023

Specialist contractors started on site on 15 May and work is under way.

A crane has been on site this week to enable detailed inspections of the building to take place.

This is a complex project with significant health and safety considerations and the project will progress through a series of important stages during the seven-week programme of work. There will be varying levels of activity on site depending where the contractors are in the programme.

The specialist contractors have to design and install support scaffolding to the facades of both listed buildings to prevent their collapse. They now have access to the buildings to do so. Support scaffolding has also to be installed to the flank wall of the Angel Inn, adjacent to Angel Yard, to prevent the collapse of this wall and to allow vehicular access into Angel Yard once again for the residents. A number of chimneys at the Angel Inn also have to be demolished or removed down to a safe height as they are at risk of uncontrolled collapse.

We have produced an FAQs specifically around the shoring up work and this can be found at www.southdowns.gov.uk/midhurst-fire-updates/

The multi-agency recovery group has also created a more detailed FAQs, prepared by Chichester District Council which includes information about business support and highways issues.

The FAQs can be found here: www.chichester.gov.uk/article/37648/Midhurst-fire-Frequently-asked-questions  

 We will continue to provide updates on progress.

 Please note the SDNPA is dealing specifically with the shoring up of the buildings and the relevant planning issues only.