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Following Government advice to stay safe and protect the NHS, we are working hard to continue to deliver for you. Find information here on how to enjoy the National Park virtually, and how our services are operating during this time.

Explore the trail

Explore the trail

Our absolute priority remains the safety of our visitors as well as the 117,000 people living and working within the National Park.

Before travelling to the South Downs National Park, please read our latest guidelines on staying safe and exercising the “3 Rs” – Restraint, Responsibility and Respect

Our ancestors have been walking the 100-mile ridgeline of the South Downs for as far back as we can discover. 

Today the South Downs Way offers inspiration and escape as we follow in their footsteps, whether ambling on an after-lunch stroll or rising to the challenge to walk, run or ride it over several days. 

Whoever you are, there are countless ways to enjoy this trail and all that it connects. It is the central thread running through the patchwork of culture and nature that is the South Downs National Park.

For more information and to plan your trip

Visit the National Trail website or download our South Downs Way by bus and train guide to plan your visit.

Visit the South Downs Discovery Map

Report a Problem

To report a problem along the South Downs Way in any Authority Area please contact the South Downs Way Team via email – or report it online.


" The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness. "