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Other projects

Other projects

Find out what major projects the South Downs National Park Authority is currently supporting to enable better understanding and enjoyment of the National Park, delivering on its purposes and duty.

  • South Downs National Park Signage (Phase 2 )

    Using the location and sign design principles identified in the Pilot Phase when 19 boundary signs were installed around the National Park boundary, a group of cross-directorate officers carried out site visits across the National Park to identify potential Phase 2 locations.  On the basis of this extensive exercise we are proposing to install 30 new boundary signs as part of Phase 2.

    This team identified 30 possible signage sites spread across the National Park and the appropriate sign for each of these locations. Each of these locations underwent further investigation to determine if they were suitable for a sign; including services searches, a road safety audit, and assessment by the relevant Highways Authority – all of which were presented as part of a full planning application to the SDNPA Planning Authority.

    Outputs: A planning application has been approved for Phase 2 and installation of the 30 signs will happen from June to December 2021.

    Project partners: None
    PMP Outcomes: Purposes & Duty and PMP 1 (Landscape & Natural Beauty), 4 (Arts & Heritage), 6 (Lifelong Learning) and 8 (Creating Custodians)

  • Seven Sisters
    Eric Ravilious, Cuckmere Haven, 1939.

    A core project delivery team will work on the Seven Sisters Country Park project over the next few years to facilitate transfer of the park to the SDNPA and develop and construct the new facilities proposed under the business case.

    Project partners: East Sussex County Council, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, National Trust & Natural England
    PMP Outcomes: All


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