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Brooks Road Planning Brief

Brooks Road Planning Brief

A Planning Brief has been prepared for the Brooks Road area of central Lewes.  Much of the Brooks Road area is protected as a principal employment site under Policy SD35 of the South Downs Local Plan.

This is the highest level of protection provided by the Local Plan for existing employment sites.

The area also contains a mix of uses including residential and the Planning Brief has been prepared as a proactive response to a number of redevelopment proposals in the area.

The purposes of the Planning Brief are to:

  • Bring together evidence & aspirations for the Brooks Road area
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities for development
  • Set out an approach to redevelopment and guidance on key issues relevant to the area

The Planning Brief was subject to public consultation from Oct-Dec 2022 and agreed for publication by the SDNPA Planning Committee on 9th February 2023.

The Planning Brief is an important material consideration in making planning decisions relating to the Brooks Road area.

For further details please contact planningpolicy@southdowns.gov.uk


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