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Planning Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have recently used the Authority's planning services, you may be contacted about participating in a customer survey.

Additional Resources and Information

Additional Resources and Information

National Initiatives

      South Downs National Park

        Information on Specific Habitats

        For information on hedgerows, tree planting, woodland planting and community woodlands

        Restoring rivers and wetland habitats

        Natural Flood Management

        Pond Creation and Management

        Meadows and Pollinators


        Advice on Invasive non-native species

        Advice on Wildlife in Your Garden and Local Community

        Advice on Rain Gardens

        Advice on Allotments




        Road Verges

        Animal Homes

        Build a bird, bat or hedgehog box, make a home for bees:


        " The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness. "