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How does our plan support well-designed places?

How does our plan support well-designed places?

Strategic Policy SD5 sets out our design expectations at a broad level.

Development proposals will only be permitted where they adopt a landscape-led approach and respect the local character, through sensitive and high-quality design that makes a positive contribution to the overall character and appearance of the area.

The following design principles should be adopted as appropriate:

  1. Integrate with, respect, and sympathetically complement the landscape character by ensuring development proposals are demonstrably informed by an assessment of the landscape context.
  2. Achieve effective and high-quality routes for people and wildlife, taking opportunities to connect GI.
  3. Contribute to local distinctiveness and sense of place through its relationship to adjoining buildings, spaces, and landscape features, including historic settlement pattern.
  4. Create high-quality, clearly defined public and private spaces within the public realm.
  5. Incorporate hard and soft landscape treatment which takes opportunities to connect to the wider landscape, enhances GI, and is consistent with local character.
  6. Utilise architectural design which is appropriate and sympathetic to its setting in terms of height, massing, density, roof form, materials, night, and day visibility, elevational and, where relevant, vernacular detailing.
  7. Provide high quality, secure, accessible, and where possible, integrated storage for general and recycling waste, heating fuel, and transport related equipment.
  8. Provide high quality outdoor amenity space appropriate to the needs of its occupiers or users.
  9. Ensure development proposals are durable, sustainable, and adaptable over time, and provide sufficient internal space to meet the needs of a range of users.
  10. Give regard to improving safety and perceptions of safety, and be inclusive and accessible for all; and
  11. Have regard to avoiding harmful impact upon, or from, any surrounding uses and amenities.

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For further information, please email the Design Officer at design@southdowns.gov.uk



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