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Get involved in the Local Plan Review

Get involved in the Local Plan Review

July 8, 2024

People can have their say on a review of the South Downs Local Plan and how they would like to be involved.

The adopted South Downs Local Plan, which gives a blueprint for all planning and development in the National Park, has to be reviewed by law to make sure it’s up to date and addresses important issues including nature recovery, climate change and supporting local communities to thrive.

An initial, informal survey will take place from 8 July to 16 September and we’ll be inviting feedback on the scope of the Local Plan Review and how you would like to involved in preparing the review.

There will also be a “youth survey” for 13 to 25-year-olds, with the chance to enter a prize draw for a £50 gift voucher.

We hope that the formal consultation on the Local Plan Review will begin early next year.

Claire Tester, Planning Policy Manager for the National Park Authority, said: “There is much of the Plan that we propose to keep, such as the landscape-led approach, ecosystem services and the strategy of a medium level of development dispersed across the National Park. 

“The review will give us the opportunity to address issues, such as climate change and nature recovery, review development needs and provision figures, and allow us to address changes in national policy.

“This is a great opportunity to look at the Local Plan and see where it could be improved further.”

The South Downs Local Plan includes policies and maps around strategic development, affordable housing, renewable energy, building conservation and design, helping wildlife, and protecting the South Downs aquifer, among many other topics.

Take part in the online survey here.

The planning policy team will also be attending National Park engagement events throughout the summer and will be promoting the survey.