Facing 2017 with resolve

For many people 2016 was a bumpy ride but whatever’s around the corner for 2017 we’re determined to at least start it well. If you feel the same please join us in making some South Downs resolutions:

  1. Make nature part of every day
    For the past two years we’ve joined in the Wildlife Trust’s ‘30 Days Wild’ campaign encouraging everyone to take a moment every day in June to appreciate nature. Why stop there? We plan to make lichen appreciation, leaf art and listening to the breeze a habit for life.
  2. Aim high
    If you want to get fit having something to train for will boost your motivation – so bring on the South Downs Way!
    More than 20,000 long-distance walkers, cyclists and riders complete this 160km trail every year and many more will explore a section of it. Make 2017 the year it leaves your to-do-list or use our new guide to break it into easy sections accessible by public transport.
  3. Give something back
    The South Downs Way is not just one of the best known trails in the country, people use their experience of it to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds each year for causes ranging from reducing international poverty (Oxfam trailwalker) to beating heart disease (British Heart Foundation bike ride)  or supporting their local hospice and other good causes (Just Walk).
    Find more charity and organised events happening on the South Downs Way throughout the year.
  4. Buy local
    Just a hunch but we suspect that more British people will be spending their holidays in the UK in 2017. By buying locally grown or made food and drink we can give a boost to the local economy and support the farmers who care for our landscapes – everyone wins! SouthDownsFood.org have a useful food finder to help you discover great locally produced food and drink.
  5. Help us to #HelptheHeaths
    Our Heathlands Reunited project aims to improve and join up an area of heath equivalent to 112 football pitches. We’re going to need some help! There are all sorts of volunteering opportunities from practical conservation to photography and monitoring wildlife or even becoming a dog walking ambassador.
  6. Cross to the Dark Side
    If you haven’t taken the time to stop and appreciate the stars in a while come and join us for the first ever South Downs Dark Skies Festival from 10 to 26 February or take our Dark Skies Pledge.