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Buriton Dark Sky Discovery Site

Buriton Dark Sky Discovery Site

Address: Village Hall Car Park, High Street, Buriton, GU31 5RX

Parking by the village hall is free although it can be difficult to navigate the narrow lane in the dark.

Alternative parking can be found adjacent to the Parish Church of St. Mary which is also free.

OS Map showing location of Buriton Dark Sky Discovery site
Buriton lies at the foot of the South Downs escarpment, just east of the A3 road. The quality of the dark night skies above Buriton have been officially recognised as a ‘Dark Skies Discovery Site’.

Visit the Buriton Community website for more information; http://www.buriton.info/

Buriton is an attractive and historic place with a friendly and active community. Walkers, cyclists and horse-riders are welcomed but car parking within the village can be very limited.

The lovely village setting and large green open space behind the village hall in Buriton is the perfect place to gaze upon the night sky and appreciate all it has to offer.

For detailed astronomy information visit the GoStargazing website
; https://gostargazing.co.uk/events/locations/buriton-village-green/


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."