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Enter the 2023/2024 Astrophotography Competition

Enter the 2023/2024 Astrophotography Competition

The 2023/24 South Downs Astrophotography competition is now open!

This year photographers have the chance of winning up to £100 for a breathtaking image in one of the following three categories:

  • South Downs Starry Skyscapes – Can you capture a dramatic star-studded photograph of the landscape showing the cosmos above it?
  • Nature At Night – Can you capture an amazing shot of living things in the National Park? This could include wildlife, people, trees, plants or fungi!
  • Magnificent Moon – Can you capture an amazing image of the moon above the South Downs landscape? Images of the moon should be alongside the landscape, buildings, towns, villages, cultural heritage or people in the South Downs.

The runner-up prize in each category will be £50 and all submitted images must be taken within the South Downs National Park.

Those new to astrophotography should check out our top tips on photographing our night skies and visit one of our top 10 sites for stargazing in the South Downs.

Judging the contest will be “Dark Skies” Dan Oakley, an expert on the South Downs International Dark Sky Reserve, astrophysicist and the National Park’s Events Coordinator Elinor Newman, and  Steve Broadbent, Chairman of Hampshire Astronomical Group.

Images submitted for the competition will be shared by the National Park Authority on social media during the annual Dark Skies Festival in February.

The festival celebrates the National Park’s International Dark Sky Reserve status, which was awarded in 2016 and recognises the South Downs as one of the 21 best places in the world to view the moon and stars.

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Our terms and conditions can be read here.

Good luck everyone!


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