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Update on Water Neutrality

Update on Water Neutrality

December 20, 2021

We’ve published a detailed summary on our website that explains our response to Natural England’s position statement for applications in the Sussex North Water Supply Zone.

The issue is affecting planning applications within the zone (parts of Chichester, Horsham and Arun Districts in the National Park area) and we’re working closely with other planning authorities that are affected.

Certain development proposals, such as new-build housing within the zone, will need to address the issue of water neutrality.

This means not using more water than the current water usage of the site.

Other applications will be excluded from the requirement to demonstrate water neutrality and a full schedule is available here.

Most householder applications, such as extensions, are excluded from requirement to demonstrate water neutrality and development management officers will work with applicants to secure maximum water efficiency measures possible

Lucy Howard, Planning Policy Manager, said: “Relevant applications will need to demonstrate water neutrality through a mix of water efficiency, water recycling, and offsetting.

“This is expected to be set out in a ‘water budget’ in the application.

“We need to stress that water neutrality is a rapidly-changing area of concern and the Authority’s current guidance is a working model that may be subject to change.

“All rights are reserved as the local planning authority and as the competent authority to consider this matter on a case-by-case basis.

“In the longer-term, we’re working jointly with the other affected planning authorities on a study and a strategy to produce a strategic solution for development on this matter across the zone.”