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South Downs for all

South Downs for all

Even in the depths of winter being outdoors in nature can be good for your wellbeing and mental health and we believe that the South Downs National Park should be accessible to everyone.

Miles without stiles are a series of routes in the National Park created to be suitable for people with limited abilities. This includes wheelchair users, families with pushchairs, dog walkers with less active dogs and the visually impaired.

Routes are graded based on path gradients and surface conditions: routes for all, routes for many and routes for some – for e.g. a route for all will have a smooth surface and a gradient of no more than 1:10 while routes for some may have low steps up to 10cm in height and the surface may undulate.

At the moment we have four Miles without stiles for the South Downs National Park but look out for more coming in 2017.

Miles Without Stiles – Bramber

Miles Without Stiles – Seaford

Miles Without Stiles – Mill Hill

Miles Without Stiles – Seven Sisters

In 2015 Mel and Jasper went out to explore our Seven Sisters route.
“I have multiple sclerosis so use a wheelchair,” said Mel. “Being disabled meant that I wasn’t getting out very much but having Jasper has given me a reason to get out every day. People talk to you when you have a dog and I’ve made new friends through him. “It’s been great to discover the wheelchair accessible trail at Seven Sisters, the South Downs National Park gives Jasper different smells and experiences.”

Watch their story: