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South Downs Centre - Temporary Closure

The South Downs Centre in Midhurst is temporarily closed to visitors but our team are still on hand to answer your calls and emails.

Reminding us of warm summer days on the South Downs – new podcast is released

Reminding us of warm summer days on the South Downs – new podcast is released

The uplifting power of the coastal South Downs amid uncertain times is explored in an illuminating new podcast.

“On The Same Edge” is the second podcast from Alinah Azadeh, the Writer In Residence for Seven Sisters Country Park and the Sussex Heritage Coast.

On a clear, warm summer’s day in 2021, Alinah takes a walk from Birling Gap with writer and artist Josephine Hall up on to the Seven Sisters cliffs to ask about her creative work, her relationship to the sea and to edges, ancestors and migration.

They speak of writing, walking, activism and the restorative power of the coastal Downs through these intense times of change.

Brighton-based Josephine also shares her poetry and book recommendations

Alinah, who lives in Lewes, said: “It was a real joy spending time with this young, multi-talented and playfully reflective writer and artist up on the Seven Sister cliffs between Birling Gap and Cuckmere in the height of summer. Editing this warmed me up on these colder, winter days! Although from different generations, we are both of second generation mixed race heritage and share many concerns and also passion for the coastal landscape, which was the perfect place to unravel and reflect together, in the company of the waves and birds around us.”

Alinah is the creative lead of an inspiring project supported by Arts Council England called “We See You Now”. Josephine is one of a number of artists from ethnically-diverse backgrounds collaborating on the project and helping with a series of podcasts called “The Colour of Chalk”. As well as the National Park Authority, the project is supported by Writing our Legacy, New Writing South, ONCA and Enthum Foundation

Listen to the podcast here or on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Alinah’s first podcast, “A Landscape for All”, can be listened to here.

For more information on the project visit www.southdowns.gov.uk/we-see-you-now