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Shoreham Cement Works

Shoreham Cement Works is a 44 ha site including a semi-derelict cement works, inactive chalk quarry, temporary inert recycling facility and a mix of temporary business uses. The site is located about 5km north of Shoreham and 2km south of Upper Beeding.

Large-scale cement production began on the site at the end of the 19th Century. The buildings were completed in 1948-50, permission having first been granted for chalk extraction in 1946. Chalk extraction and cement production ceased in 1991, but permission for the extraction of chalk in parts of the site runs to 2042.

Existing use rights exist for general industrial uses within existing buildings and for associated uses (such as storage) taking place in the open air. The whole site is in single private ownership and the SDNPA is the sole Local Planning Authority.

The site lies across the boundary of Adur District (west of the A283) and Horsham District (east of the A283) within Upper Beeding Parish.

The Area Action Plan

The Cement Works site is identified in the emerging South Downs Local Plan (Policy SD56) as an area of significant opportunity for a mixed use development which delivers a substantially enhanced landscape and uses that are compatible with the purposes of the National Park. To help to achieve this the SDNPA has started work on an Area Action Plan (AAP) for the site, with the overall aims of:

  1. Enhancing the visual impact of the site from both the nearby and distant public viewpoints
  2. Conserving, enhancing and providing opportunities for understanding the biodiversity, geodiversity, historic significance and cultural heritage of the site
  3. Ensuring the delivery of Ecosystems Services
  4. Ensuring that the design of any development is of the highest quality and appropriate to its setting within a National Park.

The Shoreham Cement Works AAP is the second Development Plan to be prepared by the SDNPA as part of the South Downs Local Plan (SDLP) and will follow the anticipated adoption of the Authority’s Local Plan in early 2019. Drawing on existing and new evidence, along with input from the site owners and the local community, the AAP will address in more detail the constraints and opportunities present. These include land restoration, environmental impacts, transport, flood risk, cultural and heritage possibilities, design considerations, viability (including identifying possible partnership funding to enable delivery of a scheme) and phasing of delivery over a number of years.