It’s nearly time to say goodbye to our barn owl fledglings

Our three chicks are all now looking like adults and have begun fledging. They have all had their first flights and we have seen the nest box empty on several occasions. Over the next week or so we will still expect them to come back to the box to roost in the hope of some spare food being delivered by the parents. You may spot one of the parents in the box at some point, the youngsters can be distinguished by their curious bobbing and circling head movements!

When the chicks are around 11 weeks old, they will stop using the nest box entirely and find somewhere else to roost and hunt. This will be around 10th August for our chicks.

At this time of year, now that his hard work is almost over, the male parent will begin his moult. The female parent started hers while she was sitting on the eggs.

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