Markwell’s Wood

October 19, 2016

Update on the planning application for oil production in Markwell’s Wood, West Sussex (ref: SDNP/16/04679/CM) for for ‘Appraisal and production of oil incorporating the drilling of one sidetrack well from the existing well (for appraisal), three new hydrocarbon wells and one water injection well, and to allow the production of hydrocarbons from all four wells for a 20 year period.’

Please note: this is not an application for hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking).

As with any planning application in the National Park the SDNPA is required to demonstrate that we have given the applicants the opportunity to address any issues raised within the consultation process. This is not only best practice but also ensures that we are able to defend our decisions should, in the event of a refusal, the applicant choose to appeal.

We have now informed the applicants of a number of issues raised during the consultation process and they have advised us that they would like to submit additional information in response to these comments.

Once the additional information has been submitted we will reconsult with the public and relevant consultees. These will be used to inform the officer’s report and taken into consideration by the SDNPA Planning Committee in due course.

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