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Hidden Past Festival

Hidden Past Festival

10am – 4pm, 21 August 2016, Portsmouth City Museum

Beneath the wooded countryside of West Sussex and Hampshire lies a forgotten landscape, littered with traces of past communities who lived and worked in the South Downs.

For the past three years the Secrets of the High Woods project has been uncovering their stories using cutting edge technology, an army of volunteer archaeologists, digging through archives and interviewing the people who live in the South Downs National Park today.

Join us for a celebration of the story of people in the South Downs – from the last ice age to the present day taking in our first farmers, Iron Age settlements, Roman roads, Medieval hunting and 20th century warfare.

With hands-on activities for the whole family, historic music and entertainment, the chance to meet the past characters who’ve lived here, discover rural crafts, and enjoy local food and drinks from across the National Park.  And a chance to visit the Secrets of the High Woods touring exhibition.

View this landscape with new eyes.

Sometimes a bump on the ground is just a bump, but sometimes it can tell a story…