Five chicks on the barn owl webcam

Over the last day or so, the last of this year’s eggs have hatched, bringing the total of tiny and very hungry owlets to five!

Learn more about the barn owl box project.

To feed her young, the adult female will tear bit of food off and feed it to the owlets. But from about 2 weeks old they can swallow a whole shrew and will start to feed themselves! You may notice the oldest chick getting most of the food. It is quite normal for the owlets to be fed in order of descending age and size.

Keep watching, as even though Barn Owls development is slower than some other birds (8 to 9 weeks to fledging compared with a Kestrel’s 3 weeks), you will see them quickly grow over the coming weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled for any developments on the web cam and let us know via Twitter (@SDNPA) if you spot anything new.