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What’s On

Throughout the year, a variety of events showcase the South Downs’ many attractions. The most famous are probably the Lewes Bonfire celebrations, Glyndebourne Opera and the Chichester Festival. Hardly a weekend goes by – especially in the summer – without one of the many towns and villages celebrating in some way.

Budding naturalists could start the day with one of many Dawn Chorus walks, move on to a Moth Morning, spend an afternoon on a Dragonfly safari and end it with an evening Bat Walk. Exercise lovers could join sponsored walks, runs and rides along the length of the South Downs; or really stretch themselves with more extreme events like the Beachy Head marathon or the South Downs Double.

The natural bounty of the National Park is celebrated at weekly farmers markets, seasonal harvest festivals and – for those with stronger constitutions – the annual Chilli Fiesta at West Dean, where DJs and dancers accompany the eating of some of the fieriest peppers from around the world.

There are art tours, literary trails and photography workshops. For history buffs, there’s everything from museums and tours of great houses like Petworth, to gladiatorial training at Bignor Roman Villa and re-creations of the pagan feasts of Beltain and Saturnalia at Butser Ancient Farm.

In other words, whatever your age, whatever your interests, our calendar of events has something right for you.