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Consultation on Local Validation List

Consultation on Local Validation List

June 5, 2023

Review of the South Downs National Park’s Local List for Validation of South Downs National Park Development Management Applications

Since 2008 local planning authorities have been required to publish a list of information they require to “validate” the planning applications they receive. This validation list forms two components, the national requirements, including the application form, the fee, certificates etc and secondly, specific local validation requirements known as the “Local List”. South Downs National Park adopted its current validation requirements in July 2019.

The Government requires local planning authorities to review the “local list” every two years. In addition, there continue to be a significant number of changes to planning legislation, policy and guidance. It is therefore considered timely to review the South Downs National Park’s current validation requirements.

The main changes that are proposed are as follows:

  • Amendments to all sections to make the requirements clearer and updating the references to current legislation, guidance and standing advice
  • All website references have been updated where necessary
  • Revision of new requirements to reflect nutrients neutrality, water neutrality and Biodiversity net gain

The Consultation Process

The proposed Local List is open to public consultation for a statutory six week period running from Monday 5th June 2023 until 5pm on 14th July 2023.

You may comment upon the draft list by email to locallistreview@southdowns.gov.uk or put your comments in writing to Local List Review, Development Management, South Downs National Park Authority, South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, GU29 9DH.

After the consultation period, the South Downs National Park will consider all the comments received and amend the Local List as appropriate. Once approved this will replace the current Local List and will form the basis on which planning applications are deemed valid by the South Downs National Park.

Consultation Documents