Communicating the South Downs


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Care For

Everyone has a part to play in making sure the qualities that led to the South Downs National Park being created are conserved for us and future generations. As the South East of England continues to grow and develop we will need this green breathing space more and more.

We want everyone who lives, works or visits to enjoy, understand, and then get actively involved in looking after the National Park – considering how they farm or run their business, using the car less, creating a community-led plan, staying and buying locally, volunteering or taking the lead by keeping dogs on leads around livestock and wildlife.

Stunning views, a chance to get out and explore, looking at the stars are just some of the benefits the South Downs National Park provides for us. It also provides us with clean air and water, food, fuel, and raw materials. Well looked after, the South Downs National Park will continue to provide us with these essentials of life that it is all too easy to take for granted. It helps to regulate our climate, stores flood waters, filters pollution, and provides opportunities for us to improve our health and wellbeing.

Help us care for your South Downs National Park.