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  • What is an Area Action Plan?

    An Area Action Plan, known as an AAP, will be a “mini local plan” for the Shoreham Cement Works site. The final adopted version will have specific planning policies and guidance that are relevant only to that area.

    The AAP will sit alongside other documents in the development plan for the South Downs National Park, for example the South Downs Local Plan.

    The purpose of the AAP is to guide the development of this exceptional site and help deliver an exemplar mixed use development of regional, or indeed, national importance.

    This is the Issues & Options version of the AAP and does not contain any policies.  These will be in the Preferred Option version of the Plan.

  • When will the public be able to comment on the Area Action Plan?

    An AAP needs to go through the same consultation process that a Local Plan does. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the Plan twice:

    • Issues & Options:  this document explains the main issues relating to the site and asks questions about its redevelopment. This consultation takes place between 07 June and 02 August.
    • Preferred Option:  this document will set out the preferred option for the redevelopment for the site including detailed policies with which any planning application will need to comply with.  Responses should focus on matters of soundness and legal compliance. A consultation is expected to take place on the preferred option early in 2023.


  • Can anyone take part in the consultation?

    Yes, everyone is more than welcome to send in comments.

  • How do I take part in the consultation?

    The best way to take part in the consultation is to visit our website to view specially filmed drone footage and add your comments on the development of the site.

    You can scan this QR code to directly go to the webpage:

    Alternatively, you can email us at planningpolicy@southdowns.gov.uk

    Or write to us at:

    Planning Policy,
    South Downs National Park Authority,
    South Downs Centre,
    North Street,
    West Sussex
    GU29 9DH

  • What is a mixed-use development?

    A mixed-use development has a mix of complementary uses, such as residential, community and leisure uses, on a site or within a particular area.

  • Does the National Park need housing?

    The provision of housing to meet local needs is crucial to ensure the sustainability and vitality of communities within the National Park.

    Housing to meet local needs is important to sustain future generations and communities, and to support rural enterprise by providing homes for local workers.

    However, the provision of housing should not be at the expense of a nationally-protected landscape.

    Government policy states that National Parks are areas where development should be restricted and objectively assessed need not met.

  • How much housing could we expect to see on this site?

    The site has been allocated in the South Downs Local Plan for a mixed-use redevelopment that could include housing.

    In order to help us test out the evidence on transport and viability we developed potential redevelopment scenarios as follows for the redevelopment of the site:

    • Mixed use scheme with employment and 400 new homes
    • Mixed use scheme with employment and 240 new homes
    • Mixed use leisure-led scheme with and 200 new homes
    • Mixed use scheme with employment and 84 new homes.

    These are purely potential scenarios and no decisions have been made.

    This first consultation will help shape the next stage of the planning process, the Preferred Option, which will look at housing provision in more detail.

  • Is there an option of “rewilding” the whole site and letting nature take its course?

    There are great opportunities for conserving and enhancing the biodiversity both on site and connected to the wider area.

    Any option, including rewilding, would need to be viable.

  • Have you factored in climate change on any potential redevelopment?

    Yes, we have factored in climate change.

    The climate change evidence explores the mitigation of and adaption to climate change at Shoreham Cement Works.

    We will require a zero carbon and zero waste development that addresses the Climate Change Emergency through mitigation and adaptation

  • Have you engaged any local communities?

    We have been working closely with Upper Beeding Parish Council and the Shoreham Society to have input from the local communities at an early stage.

    We are hosting two in- person consultation events in partnership with these groups in June.

    We are using new digital engagement tools to extend the reach of the consultation, in conjunction with proven techniques from the past.

    There will be two virtual consultation events in July.

  • Who makes the final decision on what happens to this site?

    The site is privately owned.

    If a planning application came forward, we would, as the Local Planning Authority for the National Park, assess the application on its merits, taking into consideration the final and approved Area Action Plan for the site.

  • What happens after this consultation?

    We will be looking at the responses to help inform the next stage of the planning process.

    We will then prepare a Preferred Option version of the AAP, which will lay out detailed planning policies that any planning application will have to comply with.

    The public will have a chance to comment on these proposals in a future consultation.


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