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Appeal is dismissed by Planning Inspector

Appeal is dismissed by Planning Inspector

December 19, 2023

A planning appeal to relocate a nursery to a greenfield site in the National Park to free up land for 70 homes has been dismissed by the Government Planning Inspector.

The decisions of the South Downs National Park Authority and Arun District Council on two related planning applications were upheld by the relevant inspectors.

It comes after permission was refused for a new 70-home development at Lansdowne Nursery, off the A259 at Ferring, just outside the National Park boundary.

The applicant wanted to relocate the nursery business to a greenfield site at Gravel Pit, Loves Corner, Long Furlong, near Clapham, in West Sussex.

In relation to the proposed development at Long Furlong, the inspector found that the appeal scheme would “would radically change the character and appearance of the site, which would be “heavily urbanised by the access works and the construction of an internal road, car park and other built features, including a café, lighting and signage.” He added: “The appeal scheme would result in a moderate and thus meaningful residual adverse impact on the landscape. The intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside would be harmed.”

Regarding the homes just outside the National Park, the inspector said: “I find that the development would harm the character and appearance of the area, giving rise to intrusive sprawl. In this regard it would not be sensitively located in relation to the National Park, and attempts to avoid or minimise adverse impacts would do very little to alter the harm that would arise.”