8 South Downs Challenges for the Bank Holiday

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to experience the majesty of nature and landscape in the South Downs then look no further, set your sights on some of these challenges…

  1. Climb to the top of the highest point in the National Park – Black Down.  Apart from the view, this National Trust site has superb heathland with sandy tracks and ponds to explore. While you’re there find a big stone or a rotten log, gently lift it up and have a peek – who lives there?
  2. Visit one of the grandest views in England at Devil’s Dyke. Kick off those shoes and feel the grass between your toes. How many different wildflowers can you find?
  3. Arm yourself with some paper and crayons – can you find five different leaves to make colourful rubbings from? Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire has some beautiful trees to run between.
  4. Plan a star gazing night on Iping Common – don’t forget a blanket and a flask of hot chocolate! Can you spot the Milky Way and a shooting star?
  5. Dip your toes in the sea, and grab a net for some rock pooling at Birling Gap. Do you know what the white cliffs are made of?
  6. Test your map reading skills. Pick up an ordnance survey map and see If you can plan a walk for your whole family. Use our online walking guides for inspiration – southdowns.gov.uk/walking
  7. One of our most famous features in the National Park is the South Downs Way, a 100 mile long distance, off-road route running the entire length of the National Park. It’s easy to walk, cycle or horse-ride sections of this stunning trail for a day, or why not challenge yourself to complete the entire trail by the end of the year. Visit southdowns.gov.uk/south-downs-way to plan your adventure now.
  8. Take part in England’s first GeoTour – the South Downs GeoTour and discover some of the hidden gems of this special landscape. There are 30 geocaches in the tour. Join in the challenge to earn your own souvenir GeoCoin – made especially for us by our sponsors Pulse72.
    Collect points by:

    • visiting geocaches,
    • attending special events,
    • travelling sustainably,
    • eating and staying locally.
    • Also grab bonus points for cycling to caches on the cycle network.
      Visit southdowns.gov.uk/south-downs-geotour to find out more.