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South Downs Local Plan – Main Modifications

Following a series of public hearings, the Inspector invited the National Park Authority to consult on a schedule of main modifications, to the South Downs Local Plan.

The consultation ran from Friday 01 February 2019 until 23:59 on Thursday 28 March 2019. The consultation is now closed. The SDNPA has produced a report which provides a summary of issues raised through the consultation, and the SDNPA’s responses to them.

SDNPA.20 Main Modifications Report

All duly made representations to the Main Modifications are available in full in the document below. Note that SDNPA has redacted all personal details in line with data protection legislation.

South Downs Local Plan – Main Modifications Full Representations

Main Modifications Consultation

A note was issued by the Inspector to the SDNPA which provides details of the Inspector’s request to consult on a set of main modifications.

INSP.16 Post-Hearing Note on the Main Modifications

The Main Modifications  have been considered or in some cases proposed by the Inspector with regard the soundness and legal compliance of the South Downs Local Plan. The schedule includes all the main changes made since the publication of the Pre-submission Local Plan in September 2017. It therefore includes the following stages of Main Modifications to the Plan:

  • At submission: Schedule of Changes to Pre-submission SDLP (SDLP 01 in the core document library)
  • Following submission: Main Modifications 01 November 2018 (SDNPA.3 in the core document library)
  • Following examination hearings: Further modifications requested by the Inspector during or after the hearings (previously unpublished)

The following documents were made available for comment:

  • The schedule of Main Modifications following public hearings (January 2019)
  • A Sustainability Appraisal Addendum (SA Addendum)
  • A Habitat Regulations Assessment Statement (HRA Statement)
  • An amended inset Policies Map for Kingston-near-Lewes. This is to show a factual update to the proposed settlement boundary, to include within the boundary a recently permitted housing development at ‘Audiburn’.

In addition to the above, a modification was made at submission stage to the Overview Policies Maps, to reflect changes to the Mens SAC, Ebernoe Common SAC and Singleton & Cocking Tunnels SAC Habitat Regulations Assessment Buffers (which relates to Policy SD10: International Sites). The submission Overview Policies Maps PM01, PM02 and PM03 show the amended buffers.

The Main Modifications have been proposed without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusion on the Local Plan.

Note that the Main Modifications should be read alongside the Pre-Submission_South_Downs_Local_Plan , and the schedule of minor edits (see below)

The SDNPA has prepared an informal track-changed version of the Local Plan to include all Main Modifications and Minor Edits. See the Local Plan webpage for further details.

Minor edits

The Authority has also prepared a separate schedule of minor edits, which are published for information only. This incorporates the previously published ‘SDNPA.3A Minor Edits 02 November 2018’ (which is in the core document library under ‘Authority’s documents’)

Minor Edits 2019 FINAL rev1

Policies Map – Neighbourhood Plans

The SDNPA is in the process of updating the Policies Map to incorporate neighbourhood plans that have been made after April 2018. The following parishes have recently made neighbourhood plans; corresponding updates will be made to the Policies Map after the Local Plan has been adopted:

Ditchling, Westmeston & Streat