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Core Document Library

The examination library contains the documents relating to the South Downs Local Plan and its examination. Some links will take you to a further web page.

Documents can also be viewed at the South Downs Centre in Midhurst. Please phone ahead on 01730 814810 to check document availability before travelling.

A series of public hearings conducted by the Inspector have now ended – please see the examination page for updates.  The dates were held as follows:

  • Tues 13th November to Thurs 15th November 2018 at the South Downs Centre,  Midhurst
  • Tues 4th December to Thurs 6th December 2018 at the South Downs Centre, Midhurst
  • Tues 11th December and Wed 12th December at The Amex Stadium, Falmer

Inspector’s Documents

Authority’s Documents

*In response to Inspector Note INSP.2, and in relation to the Schedule of Changes (SDLP01.1), the Authority has now produced separate schedules of Main Modifications (MMs) and Minor Edits (MEs). MMs are more substantial changes that may affect the soundness of the Plan, and will be subject to formal public consultation at a later date. MEs are matters of clarification, factual correction or update that will not be subject to consultation, and are for information only. Both the MMs (SDNPA.3) and MEs (SDNPA.3A) include a Schedule 2 which are changes made after submission of the Local Plan. Both are live documents, subject to further change throughout the Examination.

Submission Documents

South Downs Local Plan
Reference Document Author Date
SDLP 01 Pre-Submission South Downs Local Plan (SDLP) SDNPA September 2017
SDLP 01.1 Schedule of Changes to Pre-Submission SDLP SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 01.2 Submission Statement SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 03 Consultation Statement SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 03.1 Representations on the Publication Local Plan SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 03.2 Local Plan submission letter SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 03.3 Submission Consultation Statement ADDENDUM SDNPA June 2018
SDLP 03.4 Revised Appendix 4 of the Submission Consultation Statement SDNPA Oct 2018
SDLP 04 Sustainability Appraisal Report and Appendices AECOM April 2018
SDLP 04a Sustainability Appraisal Report Non-technical Summary AECOM April 2018
SDLP 05 Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) AECOM April 2018
SDLP 05.1 HRA Figure 1 – Designated Sites 2018 AECOM April 2018
SDLP 05.2 HRA Figure 2 – Site Allocations 2018 AECOM April 2018
SDLP 05.3 HRA Figure 2 – Site Allocations Overview 2018 AECOM April 2018
SDLP 05.4 HRA Ashdown Forest Air Quality Addendum 2018 AECOM April 2018
SDLP 05.5 Tunbridge Wells Borough Council – Report to Full Council on Ashdown Forest April 2018 AECOM/Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Sept 2018
SDLP 05.6 SDLP 05.6 Revised HRA in light of Sweetman II People Over Wind judgement SDNPA July 2018
SDLP 05.6.1 Rev HRA-Natual England Consultation Response Natural England Nov 2018
SDLP 06 Equalities Impact Assessment SDNPA 2018
SDLP 07 Local Development Scheme (Sixth Revision) SDNPA Oct 2018
SDLP 07.1 Local Development Scheme: Planning Committee Report SDNPA Oct 2018
SDLP 08 Statement of Community Involvement SDNPA August 2017
SDLP 09 Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 10 Legal Compliance Checklist SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 11 Duty to Cooperate Statement SDNPA April 2018
SDLP 12 Submission Local Plan: Report to National Park Authority SDNPA March 2018
SDLP 12.1 Submission Local Plan : Minutes of National Park Authority SDNPA March 2018
SDLP 13 Pre-Submission Local Plan: Report to National Park Authority SDNPA July 2017
SDLP 13.1 Pre-Submission Local Plan: Minutes of the National Park Authority SDNPA July 2017
SDLP 14 Pre-Submission Local Plan: Planning Committee Report SDNPA June 2017
SDLP 14.1 Pre-submission Local Plan: Planning Committee Minutes SDNPA June 2017
SDLP 15 Preferred Options Local Plan: Report to National Park Authority SDNPA July 2015
SDLP 15.1 Preferred Options Local Plan: Minutes of the National Park Authority SDNPA July 2015
SDLP 16 Preferred Options Local Plan: Planning Committee Report SDNPA June 2015
SDLP 16.1 Preferred Options Local Plan: Planning Committee Minutes SDNPA June 2015
SDLP 17 Local Plan Options Consultation: Report to National Park Authority SDNPA February 2014
SDLP 17.1 Local Plan Options Consultation: Minutes of the National Park Authority SDNPA February 2014
SDLP 18 Planning Committee Report: Options Consultation SDNPA 2014
SDLP 18.1 Planning Committee Minutes: Options Consultation SDNPA 2014
Policies Map
Reference Document Author Date
PM 01 Overview_Policies_Map_Eastern_Area SDNPA April 2018
PM 02 Overview_Policies_Map_Western-Area-North SDNPA April 2018
PM 03 Overview_Policies_Maps_Western_Area_South SDNPA April 2018
PM 04 Settlement-Insets-Cover-Page SDNPA April 2018
PM 05 Designated-Neighbourhood-Areas SDNPA April 2018
PM 06 Settlement-insets-Alfriston-to-Droxford SDNPA April 2018
PM 07 Settlement-insets-Easebourne-to-Itchen-Abbas SDNPA April 2018
PM 08 Settlement-insets-Kingston-to-Selborne SDNPA April 2018
PM 09 Settlement-insets-Sheet-to-West-Meon SDNPA April 2018
PM 10 Settlement-inset-map-Bury SDNPA April 2018
PM 11 Settlement-inset-map East-Dean-Friston SDNPA April 2018
PM 12 Settlement-inset-map-Lavant SDNPA April 2018
PM 13 Settlement-inset-map-Lewes SDNPA April 2018
PM 14 Settlement-inset-map-Liss SDNPA April 2018
PM 15 Settlement-inset-map-Midhurst SDNPA April 2018
PM 16 Settlement-inset-map-Patching SDNPA April 2018
PM 17 Settlement-inset-map-Petersfield SDNPA April 2018
PM 18 Dark Night Skies Zones SDNPA April 2018
Local Plan Historical Documents
Reference Document Author Date
LP 01 Local Plan: Options Consultation SDNPA February 2014
LP 02 Local Plan: Progress from Issues and Options to Preferred Options SDNPA 2015
LP 03 Local Plan: Preferred Options SDNPA 2015
LP 04 SA Scoping Report SDNPA 2012
LP 05 SA of Local Plan: Options Consultation SDNPA 2014
LP 06 SA of Local Plan: Preferred Options SDNPA 2015
LP 07 Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) of Local Plan: Preferred Options SDNPA 2015
LP 08 Natural England Guidance for assessing landscapes for designation as National Park Natural England 2011
LP 09 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Inquiry I: 2005 Vol 1 The Planning
LP 10 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Inquiry I: lists of Reps, Core Docs and Statements 2005 Vol 2 The Planning
LP 11

Inspectors Report for Park Designation Inquiry I: Maps 2005 Vol 3

Links for 2 illustrative Boundary maps

The Planning
InspectorateDefra/Natural England



June 2010

LP 12 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Inquiry I: Addendum 2005 The Planning
LP 13 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Re-opened Inquiry 2: 2008 Vol 1 The  Planning Inspector 2008
LP 14 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Re-opened Inquiry 2: Maps of additions, 2008 Vol 2 The Planning Inspector 2008
LP15 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Re-opened Inquiry 2: Maps of Deletions, 2008 Vol 2 The Planning Inspector 2008
LP16 Additional areas for Inclusion as recommended by the Inquiry Inspector 2008 Defra 2008
LP 17 Inspectors Report for Inq I & 2: Addendum for 2003 and 2008 The Planning Inspector 2008
LP 18 Inspectors Report for Park Designation Hearing Aug 2009: Vol 4 The Planning Inspector 2009
LP 19 Decision Letter for Park Boundary, Hearing 2009 Defra/The Planning Inspector 2009
LP 20

South Downs National Park Boundary Map

Western Section Boundary Maps

Central Section Boundary Maps

Eastern Section Boundary Maps

Defra/ Natural England 2009
Statements of Common Ground (SoCG)
Reference Document Author Date
SoCG 01 SoCG on Ashdown Forest Various April 2018
SoCG 02 SoCG with Adur and Worthing Councils SDNPA / Adur / Worthing April 2018
SoCG 03 SoCG with Arun District Council SDNPA / Arun April 2018
SoCG 04 Brighton & Hove City Council SDNPA / BHCC April 2018
SoCG 05 SoCG with Chichester District Council SDNPA / Chichester April 2018
SoCG 06 SoCG with East Hampshire District Council SDNPA / East Hampshire April 2018
SoCG 07 SoCG07 with Horsham District Council SDNPA / Horsham April 2018
SoCG 08 SoCG with Lewes District Council SDNPA / Lewes April 2018
SoCG 09 SoCG with Mid Sussex District Council SDNPA / Mid Sussex April 2018
SoCG 10 SoCG with Wealden District Council SDNPA / Wealden April 2018
SoCG 11 SoCG with Winchester District Council SDNPA / Winchester April 2018
SoCG 12 SoCG with West Sussex County Council SDNPA / West Sussex April 2018
SoCG 13 SoCG with East Sussex County Council SDNPA / East Sussex April 2018
SoCG 14 SoCG with Hampshire County Council SDNPA / Hampshire April 2018
SoCG 15 Position Statement with the Environment Agency SDNPA / EA April 2018
SoCG 16 SoCG with Longmoor SDNPA / Longmoor Nov 2018
SoCG 17 SoCG with Stedham Sawmill SDNPA / Stedham Sawmill Nov 2018
SoCG 18 SoCG with West Sussex County Council and The Cowdray Estate SDNPA / WSCC & Cowdray Estate Dec 2018
SoCG 19 SoCG with Natural England SDNPA / Natural England Dec 2018
National Policies and Guidance
Reference Document Author Date
Nat 01 National Planning Policy Framework 2012 MHCLG 2012
Nat 01.1 National Planning Policy Framework 2018 MHCLG 2018
Nat 02 National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) MHCLG 2012 and updates
Nat 03 Vision and Circular on English National Parks and the Broads also known as National Parks Vision and Circular DEFRA 2010
Nat 04 National Parks – 8-point plan for England (2016 to 2020) DEFRA 2016
Nat 05 A Green Future Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment DEFRA 2018
Nat 06 Written Ministerial Statement 2014 House of Commons 2014
Nat 07 Court of Appeal Judgement Royal Courts of Justice 2016
Nat 08 PINS letter Mar 2017 PINS 2017
Extant Local Plans
Reference Document Author Date
Ex 01 East Hampshire Joint Core Strategy East Hampshire DC & SDNPA 2014
Ex 01.1 East Hampshire JCS Inspectors Report – Planning Inspectorate – 2014 The Planning Inspectorate April 2014
Ex 02 Winchester Joint Core Strategy- Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-6, Chapters 7-10 and Appendices Winchester DC & SDNPA 2013
Ex 03 Lewes Joint Core Strategy Lewes DC & SDNPA 2016
EX 03A Lewes Local Plan Part 1 (Joint Core Strategy) Inspectors Final Report (Planning Inspectorate, 2014)) & Appendix The Planning Inspectorate March 2016
Ex 04 Worthing Joint Core Strategy Worthing BC & SDNPA 2011
Ex 05 Wealden Joint Core Strategy Wealden DC & SDNPA 2013

Evidence by policy area or chapter

Introduction, Vision & Objectives, Spatial Portrait and Spatial Strategy, Core Policies, process
Reference Document Author Date
Core 01 Special Qualities of the South Downs National Park (2011) SDNPA 2011
Core 02 State of the South Downs National Park Report (2012) SDNPA 2012
Core 03 Partnership Management Plan (2014 – 19) SDNPA 2014
Core 03A NPA report on South Downs Vision SDNPA July 2012
Core 04 Mapping of Ecosystem Services within the South Down National Park using the EcoServ GIS Mapping Tool SDNPA Dec 2016
Core 05 Ecosystem Services Background Paper SDNPA 2018
Core 06 Ecosystem Services and Householder Planning Applications: Technical Advice Note SDNPA 2018
Core 07 Ecosystem Services Technical Advice Note (non householder) SDNPA 2018
Core 08 Maurici legal opinion on definition of major development James Maurici 2011
Core 09 Maurici legal opinion on definition of major development James Maurici 2014
Core 10 Maurici Legal Opinion 2014 Supplementary Advice James Maurici 2014
Core 11 Major Development Advice Landmark Chambers 2017
Core 12 Neighbourhood Development Plans Background Paper SDNPA March 2018
Core 13 Whole Plan and Affordable Housing Viability Report BNP Paribas August 2017
Core 14 High Court of Justice Judgement on Madehurst Lodge Royal Courts of Justice March 2018
Core 15 Navitus Bay Wind Farm Report New Forest National Park Authority September 2015
A Thriving Living Landscape
Reference Document Author Date
TLL 01 Landscape Background Paper SDNPA Sept 2017
TLL 02

South Downs Integrated Landscape Character Assessment (SDILCA): 2011 and figures

Part II – The Character of the South Downs Landscape

SDNPA / LUC 2011
TLL 03 Settlement Context Study Main Report and Appendix 1 and 2 SDNPA 2017
TLL 04 Hampshire Historic Landscape Characterisation Wyvern Heritage 2017
TLL 05 Sussex Historic Landscape Characterisation ESCC / WSCC / B&H 2010
TLL 06 West Sussex building stone Atlas Historic England June 2015
TLL 07 East Sussex Building Stone Atlas Historic England November 2015
TLL 08 View Characterisation and Analysis: 2015 SDNPA / LUC 2015
TLL 09 Tranquillity Study 2017 SDNPA 2017
TLL 10 Dark Skies Technical Advice Note SDNPA 2018
TLL 11 Biodiversity Background Paper SDNPA Oct 2017
TLL 12

Brighton & Hove Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) Review 2018 Main Report

TLL 12.1 Appendix 1 B&H LWS selection criteria

TLL 12.2 Appendix 2 LWS Survey Form template

TLL 12.3 Appendix 3a Selection Panel Summary Reports – East

TLL 12.3.1 Appendix 3b Selection Panel Summary Reports – Central Area

TLL 12.3.2 Appendix 3c Selection Panel Summary Reports – West Area

TLL 12.4 Appendix 4 Sussex LWS Selection Criteria

TLL 12.5 Appendix 5a Existing LWS

TLL 12.5.1 Appendix 5b Proposed LWS

TLL 12.5.2 Appendix 5c Cross boundary LWS

ESCC 2018
TLL 13 Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations HM Gov 2017
TLL 14 Habitat Connectivity and Habitat Opportunity Mapping Main Report Thompson Ecology 2015
TLL 15 Draft Sussex Bat SAC Protocol Natural England / SDNPA 2018
TLL 16

Bird Aware Solent Strategy

16.1 Map SPAs in the Bird Aware Solent Region

Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership 2017
TLL 17

Joint Wealden Heaths Phase II Special Protection Area Supplementary Planning Document

SPA SPD – SEA – HRA Screening

Consultation Statement

Adoption Statement

East Hampshire DC / SDNPA 2018
TLL 18 Chartered Institute for Archaeology professional standards CIfA Various
TLL 19 Beachy Head to Selsey Shoreline Management Plan 2006 Multiples Authorities 2006
TLL 20 Heritage Coast Definition Natural England
TLL 21

Seascape assessment for the South inshore and offshore marine plans – Main report

TLL 21.1 MCA 7 Selsey Bill to Seaford Head

TLL 21.2 MCA 8 South Downs Maritime

TLL 21.3 MCA 9 Eastbourne Pevensey and Rye Bays

Marine Management Organisation 2014
TLL 22 Draft South Marine Plan Marine Management Organisation 2016
TLL 23 UK Marine Policy Statement HM Gov 2011
TLL 24 Sussex Heritage Coast Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020 SDNPA 2016
TLL 25 Advising Competent Authorities on Road Traffic and HRA Natural England June 2018
People Connected to Places
Reference Document Author Date
PCP 01 Transport Background Paper SDNPA Sept 2017
PCP 02 Transport Study Phase 1 MTRU 2013
PCP 03 Local Plan Transport Assessment and Appendices Hampshire Services 2016
PCP 04 Roads in the South Downs: 2015 Hamilton Baillie 2015
PCP 05 Lewes Town Transport Study TPI 2011
PCP 06 Midhurst and Petersfield Junction Assessments Hampshire Services 2017
PCP 07 West Sussex ROWIP WSCC 2007
PCP 08 Hampshire Countryside Access Plan (ROWIP) HCC 2007
PCP 09 Brighton and Hove ROWIP BHCC 2007
PCP 10 East Sussex ROWIP ESCC 2007
PCP 11 Manual for Streets DfT 2007
PCP 12 Manual for Streets 2 Chartered Institute of highways and Transportation 2010
PCP 13 Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Highways England 2017
PCP 14 Streets for All- South East Historic England 2017
PCP 15 Visitor Accommodation Review Report and Appendices Hotel Solutions 2014
PCP 16 Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2015 SDNPA 2015
Town Centres and Retail
Towards a Sustainable Future
Reference Document Author Date
Development Strategy
TSF 01 Settlement Facilities Assessment SDNPA 2015
TSF 02 Development Strategy Background Paper SDNPA 2017
TSF 03 Settlement Boundary Review Methodology SDNPA 2015
TSF 04 Maps of proposed changes to settlement boundaries (2015) SDNPA 2015
TSF 05 Settlement Boundary Review 2017 Update Background Paper SDNPA 2017
Homes & Affordable Homes
TSF 06 Whole Estate Plans Preparation Guidelines SDNPA 2016
TSF 07 Supply of Homes Background Paper Update SDNPA 2017
TSF 07a Housing Update Background Paper SDNPA 2017
TSF 08 Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA) GL Hearn 2017
TSF 09 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) GL Hearn 2015
TSF 10

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Covering Report

Appendix A Assessment Criteria

Appendix B Settlement maps

Appendix C Summaries by settlement

Appendix D Sites with potential

Appendix E Full Assessment Outcomes

SDNPA 2016
TSF 11 Housing Requirements Study DTZ 2011
TSF 12 Affordable Housing Background Paper SDNPA 2017
TSF 13 Viability Assessment: CIL and Affordable Housing DSP 2014
Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople
TSF 14 Gypsy & Traveller Background Paper SDNPA 2018
TSF 15 Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2015 MHCLG 2015
TSF 16 Winchester GTAA (Excludes SDNPA – See Statement of Common ground with Winchester City Council for further information) ORS Oct 2016
TSF 17 East Hampshire GTAA ORS 2017
TSF 18 G&T Site Assessment Study (East Hants, SDNPA, Winchester) PBA July 2016
TSF 19 Coastal West Sussex GTAA Update PBA Dec 2014
TSF 20 Coastal West Sussex G&T Site Assessment PBA Sept 2013
TSF 21 Horsham District GTAA WSP Dec 2012
TSF 22 Mid Sussex District GTAA ORS July 2016
TSF 23 East Sussex Districts GTAA University of Salford Nov 2014
TSF 24 Lewes District & SDNPA Site Assessments and Addendum Parker Dann 2011 & 2012
TSF 25 Brighton & Hove and SDNP GTAA University of Salford Nov 2014
TSF 26 G&T Site Search Study (BHCC & SDNPA) BHCC & SDNPA 2017
TSF 27 Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 HM Gov 1960
TSF 28 Employment Background Paper SDNPA Oct 2017
TSF 29 Employment Land Review GL Hearn 2015
TSF 30 Employment Land Review Update SDNPA 2017
TSF 31 South Downs – Retail Evidence Study: 2016 Nexus 2016
TSF 32 Petersfield Retail Study NLP 2012
TSF 33 Lewes Shopping and town centre study GL Hearn 2012
TSF 34 Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership – Statement on Working Relationship between EM3 LEP and SDNPA M3 Local Enterprise Group/ SDNPA 2018
Agriculture and Forestry
TSF 34 Agriculture and Forestry Background Paper SDNPA Sept 2017
TSF 35 South East Farmsteads Character Statement Historic England 2014
TSF 36 CIL South Downs Adoption Notice SDNPA 2017
TSF 37 Community Infrastructure Levy – Charging Schedule SDNPA 2017
TSF 38 Infrastructure Delivery Plan SDNPA 2016
Green Infrastructure
TSF 39 Access Network and Accessible Natural Greenspace Study SDNPA 2014
TSF 40 Open Space Sports and Recreation Background Paper SDNPA 2017
TSF 41 Local Green Spaces in the South Downs Local Plan SDNPA 2017
Climate Change
TSF 42 TSF 42 Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Study Scoping Report AECOM 2012
TSF 43 Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Study Main Report AECOM 2013
TSF 44 Water Cycle Study 2015 Scoping and Outline Report Amex 2015
TSF 45 Level 1 Update and Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Amec Foster Wood 2017
Pollution and Contamination
TSF 46 Lewes Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) LDC / SussexAir 2009
Strategic Sites
Reference Document Author Date
STR 01 North Street Quarter Decision Notice SDNPA 2016
STR 02 North Street Quarter S106 agreement (part 1 only) – Appendices available upon request) SDNPA 2016
STR 03 STR 03 SoCG with Dudman Holdings Ltd (Shoreham Cement Works Site) SDNPA 2018
STR 04 SCW – Inspectors Appeal Decision 2003 Planning Central  Casework Division, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2003
STR 05


Lewes Neighbourhood Plan Supporting Documents (Link)Lewes NDP – Submission Plan

Lewes Town Council 2018
Sites and Settlements
Reference Document Author Date
SS 01 Sites Settlements background paper SDNPA 2017
SS 02 Sites and Settlements Route Map SDNPA 2018
SS 03 Flood Risk Seq Test Background Paper SDNPA 2017
SS 04 Site Allocations Highway Assessment Hampshire Services 2017
SS 04a Site Allocations Highway Assessment Update Hampshire Services 2018
SS 05 Development Brief Coldwaltham SDNPA 2018
SS 06 Development Brief Depot and Brickworks SDNPA 2018
SS 07 Development Brief Holmbush, Midhurst SDNPA 2018
SS 08 Development Brief Pulens Lane, Sheet SDNPA 2018
SS 09 Final Preliminary Ecological Appraisal for Land South of London Road, Coldwaltham Wildlife Splash 2018
SS 09a Statement of Common Ground – Coldwaltham SDNPA 2018
SS 09b Coldwaltham Meadow Management Plan SDNPA 2018
SS 09c UKBAP Priority Habitat Descriptions Lowland Meadows BRIG (ed. Ant Maddock) 2008
SS 10 Response to the Pre-Submission Consultation on the updated Findon Neighbourhood Development Plan SDNPA 2018
SS 10a Findon Pre-Submission Updated Neighbourhood Plan Findon Parish Council 2018
SS 10b SDNPA response to the Pre Submission updated Findon Neighbourhood Plan SDNPA 2018
SS 10c Legal advice sought by SDNPA relating to the updated Findon Neighbourhood Plan SDNPA 2018
SS 10d Planning Committee Update Sheet SDNPA 2018
SS 11 Castelmer Fruit Farm SD77, Kingston, SoCG SDNPA 2018
SS 12 Burlands Field Selbourne Appeal Decision The Planning Inspectorate 2014
SS 13 Highways Report for SDNPA Hinton Ampner Bellamy Roberts LLP 2018
SS 14 Email re: SD76 land at Itchen Abbas House Landowner 2018
SS 15 Conservation Area Appraisal- South Harting Chichester District Council 2009
SS 15 a Conservation South Harting Conservation Area Map 1: Townscape Appraisal Map Chichester District Council 2009
Implementation and monitoring
Reference Document Author Date
IM 01 Authority Monitoring Report (2015) SDNPA 2015
IM 02 Authority Monitoring Report (2016) SDNPA 2016
IM 03 Authority Monitoring Report (2017) SDNPA 2017

All Neighbourhood Plans can be viewed on the South Downs Neighbourhood Planning webpage.

Minerals Planning Documents can be viewed on the minerals and waste planning webpage.