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Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

This year’s Authority Monitoring Report 2018 (AMR) was published in December 2018.

The AMR 2018 reports on a number of planning documents such as the emerging South Downs Local Plan, the Community Infrastructure Levy, numerous neighbourhood development plans and adopted and emerging waste and minerals plans. The AMR also reports progress on the timetable and milestones for the preparation of documents set out in the updated October 2018 Local Development Scheme.

This report considers the policy performance of existing and emerging policies across the National Park, and trends against various indicators including those directly affected by the planning process as well as those more indirectly affected. The AMR includes all indicators which are monitored along with any relevant targets, and which Local Plan policy each indicator relates to. An output is set out for each indicator followed by a brief commentary highlighting the key findings of the output and relating these back to local and Government policies.

This AMR reports on the financial year 2017 -18, which is the fourth year of the 2014-2033 plan period for the South Downs Local Plan.

Notable points include:

  • There is an up-to-date five year supply of deliverable housing sites in the South Downs National Park, both against the proposed provision figure in the South Downs Local Plan and against the benchmarks and housing allocation targets for specific areas of the National Park set out in Joint Core Strategies.
  • A net total of 296 new homes were completed in the National Park in 2017-18.
  • Five Neighbourhood Plans were made during the Monitoring Period – Amberley, East Meon, Lavant, Liss and Woodmancote. Lewes is now at Examination (November 2018) and Petworth was also made in July 2018.

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