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Local Plan: Preferred Options

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on the Local Plan: Preferred Options. Please note that the consultation has now closed and we are no longer able to accept your comments.

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What’s in the South Downs Local Plan: Preferred Options?

Download the  full Local Plan: Preferred Options (pdf)

Local Plan - IntroductionIntroductory Chapters

These set the scene for the Local Plan, explaining how the plan has been developed. It introduces the South Downs National Park, describing how it looks and feels today. It provides the Vision for the National Park in 2050 – setting our goals for the future.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Spatial Portrait
Chapter 3 – Vision and Objectives

Local Plan - Core PoliciesCore Policies

These policies provide the overarching framework for evaluating all development proposals in the National Park. They include Eco-system Services, an important landscape-led approach to recognise the benefits and services we get from the natural environment. It sets out five broad spatial areas which share similar characteristics and challenges.

These policies are in Chapter 4.

Local Plan - Thriving Living LandscapesThriving Living Landscapes

This theme is primary based on the purpose one – to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage.

The policies under this theme can be found in Chapter 5 and Chapter 10.

This includes policies on the following topics:

  • Landscape and Design
  • Tranquillity and Dark Night Skies
  • The Open Coast and Water Environment
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Biodiversity and Geodiversity
  • Green Infrastructure and Open Space

Local Plan - People Connected with PlacesPeople Connected With Places

This theme is primary based on purpose two – to promote opportunities and enjoyment of the special qualities of the national park by the public.

The policies under this theme can be found in Chapter 5 and Chapter 10.

This includes policies on the following topics:

  • Transport
  • Tourism and Recreation

Local Plan - Towards a Sustainable FutureTowards a Sustainable Future

This theme is primary based on the duty of the National Park Authority, in pursuit of the two purposes – to seek to foster the economic and social well-being of the local communities within the National Park.

The policies under this theme can be found in Chapter 5 and Chapter 10.

This includes policies on the following topics:

  • Development Strategy and Housing
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Retail and Town and Village Centres
  • Air Quality and Contaminated Land

Local Plan - Strategic Sites & Site AllocationsStrategic Sites and Site Allocations

The Strategic Sites identify large previously developed sites and describe the type of development that could come forward in the future.

The site allocation maps identify land where new housing would be appropriate.

These can be found in Chapter 8 and Chapter 9.

Local Plan - Inset MapsInset Maps

These maps show proposed settlement boundaries for towns and villages within the National Park.

They also show the proposed allocations in the context of their towns and villages.



Local Plan - AppendicesAppendices and Glossary

Appendix 1 – Current Development Plan Policies Operating in the National Park
Appendix 2 – The Special Qualities
Appendix 3 – Neighbourhood Development Plans in the National Park
Appendix 4 – Evidence Base Studies
Appendix 5 – Village Design Statements, Parish Plans and Local Landscape Assessments
Appendix 6 – Conservation Areas, Registered Parks and Gardens and Battlefields in the South Downs National Park
Glossary – explains terms used in the Preferred Options Local Plan.


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