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East Hampshire District Joint Core Strategy

The Joint Core Strategy was submitted in May 2012, with examination hearings held in October/November 2012. Following a preliminary report from the Inspector, the authorities agreed to suspend the examination to carry out further evidence base work.

In August 2013, Further Proposed Modifications to the Joint Core Strategy were published for public consultation.

In October 2013, the examination hearings were reconvened.

Following these hearings the Inspector has advised that: ‘the only main modifications I consider will need further consultation are those that arose from the hearings in October. All other proposed modifications having already been consulted on in August/September 2013. Not all the modifications subject to the consultation earlier this year will be main modifications. I will work through them and a list of all main modifications will be appended to the report’.

The schedule of proposed Main Modifications were madeĀ available for public consultation. This consultation closed onĀ  until Friday 7 February 2014.

The Joint Core Strategy was formally adopted by East Hampshire District Council on 8 May 2014. It was also formally adopted by the SDNPA on 26 June 2014. This document now forms part of the Development Plan for the East Hampshire District including the area within the National Park boundary.

The adopted version of the Joint Core Strategy can be found on the East Hampshire District Council website.


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